Hannah Lee - International Artist

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If you look up in to the night sky in the countryside where there is no light pollution you will see the largest canvas available for the eye to see.
Hannah has managed to make it possible for all to have a bit of the universe by creating her latest range of works based on stars.
As with all her series of paintings the colours are a delight and draw you in to the amazing bursts of light that our own galaxy provides every day. Each one tells a story of the planets that provide us with a polka dot blanket each night. The collisions of colour portray the movement that is not visible to the naked eye. The universe is always on the move and Hannah's delicious style reminds us that there is more out there than we can see.


One thing you can not say about Hannah's work is that it is stagnant she is forever reinventing her work and experimenting with the canvas and the paints. Her latest works depict the beauty of nature and our earth mother. Hannah's own personal journey is portrayed with energetic, textured and aesthetic work that has so much movement it is calming. Even as a non wiccan the work draws you in to another realm where things are balanced and beautiful.


Hannah's spiritual paintings which were born from a deep meditation. Hannah had a stack of thirty canvas's by her side and a stick of charcoal as she went into meditation the images and shapes came to her whilst her eyes were closed. One by one the outline of the paintings were produced.  The amazing thing was that when Hannah came to paint them each separate picture when put against the wall all together actually made one huge painting. This then happened again with a further twenty paintings.


These fascinating works were composed from photographs taken through a microscope, of sugar and salt crystals. The vibrant spectrum of Hannah’s pallet draws you in and gives you energy and stimulates your eyes and has the refreshing and revitalizing qualities of a pure fresh spring.


Hannah’s aboriginal work was inspired by listening to the deep vibrating tones of the didgeridoo and by looking at various art works by the aboriginal tribes man. You can see the effect of the low vibrating drone note and almost feel the seduction of it yourself. As the aboriginals Hannah uses a simple staccato doting effect that at first glance looks regimental and organised but on deeper reflection shows movement and music.


Hannah’s Nudes show a close cropped view of male and female torso. Interested in are judgment of people based on how they look, her viewpoint disconnects us; the body seems somehow different seen at such close quarters. Fascinated by beauty of the way skin covers bone, her work combines an attention to detail and a slight stylization as she interprets the surface of the body.


The realistic yet caricature style that Hannah uses to portray the animal kingdom makes the voyeur feel warm and closer to their primal ancestors. The eyes let you into the soul of the subject. And the surroundings make you feel calm and serene. The movement and flow draws you in and releases you to experience the amazing world of the most beautiful and amazing creatures on this earth.


Blocks of colour that create movement and energy . The choice of colours work so well and have warmth and feeling of that of a photograph that reminds you of happy memories. These works have amazing depth and layers that make you want to climb into the painting and be enveloped in the surprising tranquillity of them.


The landscapes that Hannah paints are explosive and recreate the fantastical world of nature. Your eye is guided through the landscape and you can feel yourself on a nature trail and your senses start to taste and smell the wonders of mother earth.


Holidays and happy times. The sea washes away all negative feelings and fills you with vigour and a sense of complete stillness. Hannah’s canvas washes you away to a world far from telephones computers and everyday tasks. She paints the ebb and flow in the same way a musician would orchestrate the sounds of the sea.


Hannah’s early works were derived from sky studies, often inspired by her own photographic work on cloud formations.  The study of clouds appealed for a number of reasons. “I found it very therapeutic.  It allowed me to translate images into abstract expressions of mood and feeling”. This quality can be observed throughout her work.  Her work displays a sensual quality, which itself is representative of her own experiences as a child.  “I like to incorporate the sensual quality of paint, which I first discovered as a child when I loved to touch my mother’s paintings”. 

All of Hannah's Paintings can be brought as a print at £15 per print plus postage of £5.



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