Hannah Lee - International Artist

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Letchworth Museum & Mezzanine Art Gallery, Broadway, Letchworth, Herts SG6 3PF  T. (01462) 685647, F (01462) 481879,

E-mail:  letchworth.museum@nhdc.gov.uk

Exhibition starts 14th November - 12th December 2009


If you look up in to the night sky in the countryside where there is no light pollution you will see the largest canvas available for the eye to see.
Hannah has managed to make it possible for all to have a bit of the universe by creating her latest range of works based on stars.
As with all her series of paintings the colours are a delight and draw you in to the amazing bursts of light that our own galaxy provides every day. Each one tells a story of the planets that provide us with a polka dot blanket each night. The collisions of colour portray the movement that is not visible to the naked eye. The universe is always on the move and Hannah's delicious style reminds us that there is more out there than we can see.


Craft Market, Lord Pirbright’s Hall, Pirbright, Surrey 

  Saturday 28th November 12 noon - 5 pm & Sunday 29th November  11am – 3.30 pm


One thing you can not say about Hannah's work is that it is stagnant she is forever reinventing her work and experimenting with the canvas and the paints. Her latest works depict the beauty of nature and our earth mother. Hannah's own personal journey is portrayed with energetic, textured and aesthetic work that has so much movement it is calming. Even as a non wiccan the work draws you in to another realm where things are balanced and beautiful.

Hannah's spiritual paintings which were born from a deep meditation. Hannah had a stack of thirty canvas's by her side and a stick of charcoal as she went into meditation the images and shapes came to her whilst her eyes were closed. One by one the outline of the paintings were produced.  The amazing thing was that when Hannah came to paint them each separate picture when put against the wall all together actually made one huge painting. This then happened again with a further twenty paintings.




The Pagan Sanctuary Reading Berks 2008 till further notice


The Pit Stop Café, Bagshot, Surrey, from 2006


Wymford Arms, Reading, Berks, from 2004


  Basingstoke Hospital, Basingstoke, Hants from 2003


Frimley Park Hospital, Frimley, Camberley, Surrey, from 2003



The Pagan Sanctuary Reading Berks



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